A special space that stands quietly at the mysterious land of Ryugado cave

Cafe Ayam provides a daily space for healing and comfort of life that is based from modern Asian style.
The word "Ayam" in Indonesia means "Chicken" and the motif of our cafe is based on a cafe at a mountainous area in Bali.
We also provide Free-Wi-Fi and Free-Recharging service. Aside from savoring our delicious foods, sweets and the drink services, you can be leisurely relaxed in our cafe.
You can enjoy our cafe as a starting point of sightseeing for Ryugado cave and a relaxing place on your day off.
Also, the power plugs are available at some of our tables, so you can use them for your work or study.

The foods and the sweets which Tosa-jiro egg is lavishly used

Do you know "Tosa-jiro", the famous native chicken that Kochi Prefecture is proud of?
Tosa- Jiro is a chicken that has a unique name and lays lively egg.
Its egg is a little smaller but once you try the rich tasteful yellow part, it will take you hold and never let you go.
We only use the fertilized Tosa-Jiro egg that is harvested at our own poultry farm. It is mainly used for the ingredients of our foods and sweets from its dough to toppings that our cafe serves.(※1)
Pasturing is the basic way to keep Tosa-jiro so the roosters and the hens get along and run around well, and then eat wild grasses and the soil to grow healthy.
Also, they are mainly given with natural feeds produced by the association(※2), vegetables, fruits and natural foods, something like creatures under the ground, their eggs will be safe and tasty. .
※1 Eggs from other farms in the same prefecture may be used during the peak season.
※2 Non-GMO(Non-Genetically Modified Organisms soybeans cake)、PHF(Post Harvest Free. Agricultural chemical, pesticide, germination inhibitor are not used.)

Ingredients that special attention was paid to its taste and safety.

Kochi prefecture is national leading area of food, located in the environment that has the top annual rainfall and the hours of sunlight with a lot of nature.At our cafe,
At our cafe, to use the value of the fresh and safe egg of Tosa-jiro, we basically use local and safe foods in the country. Our cheese, processed meat and seasoning are produced from a place where we can guarantee its safety and standard, so you can enjoy it with security.
Rice : Hinohikari made in Ryugado cave, Koshihikari made in Kochi prefecture
Buckwheat flour : made on Fukui prefecture
Vegetables : made in Kochi prefecture and other prefectures in Japan
Fruit : made in Kochi prefecture and other prefectures in Japan
Cheese : made on Switzerland, Netherlands and the U.S.
Butter: made in France and Japan
Pancetta : made in Italy    Prosciutto : made in Italy
Hum : made in France and Japan  Pork : made in Miyazaki prefecture
Seasoning : made in Japan and Thailand  *Please ask our staff for more details

Contact space with chickens

Do you have an image that chicken is scary?
It's partly true but not entirely correct.
Some roosters are aggressive because they are trying only to protect their group are certainly, but there are hens that are generally gentle.
There are hens that can be kept inside the room, "Petit-cocco", and they have been working as our staff at our cafe.
Since they take shower and wear a diaper, they are very clean.
They are surprisingly friendly and sleep peacefully on the lap of a person who holds them for the first time.
The staff who is a member of Kochi prefecture Japan chicken preservation association will explain to you about its fascination.
You will definitely discover something new and be interested in it.