Hen × Cave × Egg

Ryugado Cave, one of the 3 major limestone caves in Japan, where a lot of tourists have been visiting throughout the year in pursuit of the magnificent view that have been existing from ancient times.The rare bird center that has a rare display room for national wide level has been established along with it.Ryugado cave is also known as the place where related to the chicken for a pet.

We have opened our cafe at the entrance of the shopping street. It is the first "chicken cafe" of its kind in the country.
We prepare and serve foods that contain the famous and scrumptious egg of Kochi Prefecture, Tosa Jiro. At the same time you can enjoy our sweets and the space we provide where you can touch the lovely hen "Petit-Cocco".


Good quality egg and selected ingredients

At Cafe Ayam, we use only "the egg of Tosa-jiro" for all of our foods and sweets.
We are very particular about other ingredients in order to set off the rich tasteful yellow and white part Tosa-jiro eggs.
For the galette, we use Gruyere cheese made in Switzerland, Gouda cheese made in the Netherlands and buckwheat flour made in Fukui prefecture.
For the Phad Gaprao Mu Sap Rat Kao(fried ground pork and holy basil on top of rice with sunny-side up), we use Berkshire pig made in Miyazaki prefecture, the rice made in Kohchi prefecture and other selected vegetables and fruits grown in Kohchi prefecture.
For coffee, we only use coffee beans that are produced by "Horiguchi coffee", one of the top roaster in the country. You can enjoy various blends for each season such as the unique single origin and a decaf coffee.

  1. Tomato and anchovy galette Tomato and anchovy galette
  2. Prosciutto and Gruyere cheese  galette Prosciutto and Gruyere cheese galette
  3. Phad Gaprao Gai Sap Rat Kao (fried ground pork and holy basil on top of rice with sunny-side up) Phad Gaprao Gai Sap Rat Kao (fried ground pork and holy basil on top of rice with sunny-side up)
  4. Raw egg on rice w/ miso-soup, pickled vegetables Raw egg on rice w/ miso-soup, pickled vegetables
  5. Jiro canele Jiro canele
  6. Jiro creme brulee Jiro creme brulee
  7. Butter suger lemon  crepe Butter suger lemon crepe
  8. Salt butter caramel crepe Salt butter caramel crepe

The hen that wears diaper as pet

In Kohchi prefecture, we have a hen we can get along inside the house that wears a diaper.
At Cafe Ayam, the hens have been waiting for you.
You can experience feeding and holding them at the open space in front of the cafe.
We have been receiving feedbacks from a lot of visitors since the store opened, such us, "They are soft and cute!" and "They are gentle and friendly!"



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[Business days] Saturday, Sunday and National holidays.
[Business hours] 12:00 - 17:00
[Address] 〒782-0005 1F Ryugado-kokusai-kankou-kaikan, 1395-1 Tosayamada-cho Sakagawa, Kami, Kochi, Japan
[TEL] 0887-52-9350
[MAIL] contact@cafeayam.com
[Instagram] http://instagram.com/cafeayam/